The statuette is a silver puma over a volcanic-rock base, made by Mexican artist Martín Soto Climent.

“To make this silver statuette, I was inspired by the UNAM’s Puma Emblem. I want that anyone who sees the statuette recognizes the UNAM in this puma watching carefully from atop its volcanic-rock. There’s nothing better than a feline’s focused eye to recognize the glance of a film director; I think that’s what a film director is—a hunter for ephemeral instants.”

Martín Soto Climent

· · International Competition
Puma Award, Best Film
$100,000.00 MXN and the Puma Statuette
Puma Award, Best Director
$100,000.00 MXN and the Puma Statuette
· Mexican Competition
Mexico Puma Award, Best Film
$100,000.00 MXN and the Puma Statuette
· Feats. International Film-Schools Gathering
Feats Award, Best Short Film
$35,000.00 MXN and a PUMA Medal
· Audience Award

· TV UNAM Award
80,000 pesos + TV-UNAM broadcast of the winning film.
· LCI Award

“My work is characterized by a series of associations of an ephemeral character; thus, going back to elaborating a piece using artisanal means of production is a challenge, and also a caprice, which I allow myself just because I’m doing it for the UNAM.”

Martín Soto Climent
Born in 1977 in Mexico City, he studied Industrial Design at the UNAM Faculty of Architecture. Since 2001, he began his artistic career independently working and exhibiting his work at alternative spaces in Mexico. In 2006, he had his international debut in New York. Since then, he has generated collective and individual projects in galleries and museums which are part of the international art circuit.