FICUNAM, the International Film Festival of the National Autonomous University of México, opens its call for the International Competition in its 11th edition.

One of our main interests is to program films with a formal pursuit that delves into the exploration of filmic language and, thus, to be a relevant exhibition window in Mexico for independent films from all around the globe.

FICUNAM 11 will take place from March 18th-28th, 2021, and the award ceremony will be held on Thursday, March 25th, in Mexico City.

1. Registration for the FICUNAM International Competition is open to all films with a running length of 60 minutes or more, produced in Mexico or abroad. Only films produced from 2020 onwards will be taken into consideration.

2. Films screened in the FICUNAM International Competition must have their Mexican premiere during the Festival. Once the invitation to one of our competing sections is accepted, the film cannot be taken out from the Festival program, nor screened in any other event in Mexico before it is officially exhibited at FICUNAM.

3. The official formats for film exhibition are 35mm, 16mm, and DCP. Exhibition in other formats requires the Festival’s authorization.

4. Producers of winning films, or of those films that receive an honorable mention, establish a commitment to mention the Festival in all their subsequent publicity and press kits by including the FICUNAM logo.

5. Films participating in this open call, but not selected for the competition, may be invited to take part in other sections of the Festival, previous authorization by the director, the producer, or the film’s representative.

6. Both the selection by the FICUNAM Committee and the jury decision will be final.

7. This call closes on Friday, October 30th, 2020, at 18:00 (Central Time Mexico). The Festival’s Selection Committee has no obligation to watch films submitted beyond this deadline.

8. At the present time, FICUNAM is being planned to happen onsite with physical screenings. However, there is a risk for sanitary conditions to suddenly change due to the still-active COVID-19 pandemic. This forces the Festival’s organization to take into consideration the possibility of changing the whole program to virtual screening rooms, with the previous authorization of films, which must take this into account at the moment of their register.

9. Taking into account the current circumstances we live in due to the sanitary crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, participation of directors or representatives of selected films based outside Mexico will take place in the virtual mode.

10. This year, the Festival will not pay for travel and lodging expenses. If directors or representatives of the films should decide to be present through their own means, their physical presence at the screening rooms will be subject to the indications of sanitary authorities.

11. Registering a film in this call implies the acceptance of this set of rules & regulations.

1. Films selected in the FICUNAM International Competition will compete for the following awards:

  • Puma to Best Film

Puma statuette by Mexican artist Martín Soto Climent
$150,000.00 MXN (for the producer) *

*If there is more than one producer, the award will be given to the responsible producer designated to this end.

  • Puma to Best Director

Puma statuette by Mexican artist Martín Soto Climent
$100,000.00 MXN (for the director)*

  • Audience Puma


1. To register for the FICUNAM International Competition it is necessary to send the following material before Friday, October 30th, 2020:

  • Complete online entry form (available at the Festival webpage:
  • An online-available version of the film with access password

Important: It is needed to specify whether this version is a final cut or a work in progress.

1. For the Festival catalogue and promotion, send the following material before Friday, January 15th, 2021: 

  • Director’s statement in Spanish and/or English
  • Bio-filmography of the film’s director
  • Photo of the director
  • Full film credits
  • Technical specifications
  • High-resolution photograms of the film (300 dpi)
  • Poster and/or press kit (if available), printed and in digital format

2. For screening the selected films, submit the following material to the Festival before Friday, February 12th, 2021:

  • 35mm, 16mm, or DCP screening copy of the film with English subtitles (if the film is in another language)
  • All DCP materials must be delivered under the current DCI norms, HDD formatted under DCI specifications, frame rate, aspect ratio and properly named content. In case of having a different screening digital format, the Festival is willing to offer an alternative
  • Back-up Blu-ray copy with English subtitles
  • Back-up Blu-ray copy without subtitles
  • Dialogue list in the original language and in English (if available) with time codes for subtitling.

3. If there is a particular specification for setting or checking the copy of a film, this must be informed at the moment of delivering the material through a note written by the film’s producer.

4. Participating works must deliver a promotional set of images for the film. If this material is not submitted, the Festival will be allowed to copy photograms and fragments (up to 3 minutes long) of the selected films for promotion purposes on the Festival’s webpage and other mass media.

1. If the film is selected, the Festival will assume all shipping and devolution expenses for the screening copy, unless it is necessary to send the film to another festival; in such case, the Festival will negotiate a direct agreement with the addressee.

2. The sender must inform FICUNAM about the sending date and the guide number for the screening copy. All the documentation needed for the shipment, according to the regulations in each country, must also be previously checked.

3. All materials must be sent to the following address:

Casa Universitaria del Libro UNAM
Orizaba 24, Roma Nte.
06700 Ciudad de México
CDMX, México
+52 55 5622 9595

1. The Festival will organize a digital collection with programmed films. This research and educational space will only be open for students and professionals authorized by the Festival.

2. Throughout the year, the Festival will organize exhibitions in cultural spaces and educational institutions in Mexico City and throughout Mexico offering a selection of films screened during its most recent edition. In all cases, previous authorization for screening will be asked.

3. By participating as part of the FICUNAM selection, and with previous authorization of the film’s representative, the films will be invited to take part in the platform Festival Scope, a partner to the Festival accessible to film professionals.