Arte 2018


A watery, marble-like background. Some eyeglasses, some bones, some fish. A handless, timeless clock as a component of the dream. Within this moving space, a series of objects which have had leading roles in a filmic narration coexist. There is some enigma surrounding this pattern of elements, a continuous action directly referring to cinema is materialized in FICUNAM’s new image.

We celebrate our eighth edition with this proposal by Pablo Vargas Lugo (Mexico City, 1968), a solid representative of Mexican contemporary art.

“The image does not have an absolute value. Images and sounds will owe their value and power only to the use you assign to them."

Robert Bresson

Who Is He?

 Pablo Vargas Lugo

The work of Pablo Vargas Lugo (Mexico City, 1968) ) is enigmatic. Collage, formal drawing, and installation develop visual and conceptual games which relate to the extinction of dinosaurs, to flying machines, and natural catastrophes. His work, hard to be qualified even by experts, opens territories of encounter found by the artist among time and space representations learnt from classical philosophies, astronomy, cartography, and archeology. The perception of time, the tension between strength and vulnerability, the play between the abstract and the tangible, these are some of the themes which reappear, over and over again, along the line traced by Pablo Vargas Lugo during his outstanding trajectory.

Pablo Vargas Lugo is one of the most solid representatives of contemporary art in Mexico. He studied Visual Arts at UNAM’s Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (National School of Plastic Arts). He has held individual and collective exhibitions in France, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and the United States, among other countries. He has also given symposiums and conferences in various parts of América, Asia, and Europe. He is part of a generation which began showing their work in the early 1990s and has managed to transcend the borders of Mexico, taking Mexican art to the main exhibition spaces of the world.

El trabajo de Vargas Lugo opera desde una enorme libertad que busca salir de los medios tradicionales explorando nuevos esquemas visuales para sus creaciones. En su trabajo evoca ese momento de perplejidad que sucede cuando el espectador ve pero no comprende, donde la imagen excede al lenguaje. Un arte mudo.  Donde la imagen es el centro, y el foco está en los aspectos formales del trabajo, en las percepciones y asociaciones que la obra sugiere.

Mover el punto de vista, encontrar nuevas escalas de espacio y tiempo y de representación de los fenómenos es la búsqueda disruptiva de Pablo Vargas Lugo. Una invitación para el espectador a desplazar su enfoque y orientarlo hacia nuevos territorios, a sumergirse en la experiencia de la imagen. FICUNAM acompaña esta propuesta en su octava edición.